High Protein Waffles (Wheat Free)

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    1. 9 ounces Corn Flr Whole-grain White
    2. 1 cup Butter Whipped With Salt
    1. Soak The Dried Chickpeas 6 To 8 Hours By Placing In A Large Pan With Fresh Water. The Water Level In The Pan Should Be At Least 2 Inches Over The Dried Chickpeas.
    2. Drain And Rinse Chickpeas. Add Fresh Water (2inches Higher Than The Chickpeas) And Bring To A Boil Then Reduce To A Simmer. Note: Use An Extra Large Soup Pan As The Chickpeas Will Foam Up And Boil Over. Adding A 1 Tablespoons Of Olive Oil To The Boiling Water Helps To Prevent This.
  • These are Gluten Free Waffles with the amazing body, texture and flavor. Cook them up soft or crisp, add your favorite maple syrup and you are good to go.
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YES! It’s all about the food, the fun, and the friends! Food can strengthen the body, calm the mind, and nurish the soul. (or I can be your own personal ball and chain - but we're a glass ALL full team here. The perfect group to set you free.) Topics that you would likely hear me suggesting or discussing on a regular basis are:

  • Whole foods
  • Food & Fitness
  • Fitness starts in your kitchen
  • Eating to heal 
  • Conscious living (while eating as well of course)
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Cooking with passion - eating with love
  • Food should be without a doubt – fun! (the preperation and the eating.)

But food is also serious business. It provides the roots to keep us strong while also connecting us to our sometimes ignored (often times unrealized) spritiual side. Get it right and you become an unstoppable force. If you've not yet experienced how food highlights these connections feel free to connect and allow me to guide you to related Nufoodi events and groups.

Eat with love and love with gratatude. 



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