A Night of Mexican Flare

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  1. App.
  2. Entree
  3. Dessert
  • Start of your event with soy chorizo tacos, made with fresh cilantro lime guacamole and diced tomatoes. Keep the flavors alive with homemade spicy enchiladas topped with melted cheese and chili pepper sauce. End your party and appetitie with classic Mexican brownies made with a kick of cinnamon and chili spice.

Kristen Canuto (aka: Kiki) extends her handcrafted culinary creations and cooking tips with those that choose to make food an experience. 

As Kiki would reveal, food is much more than nourishment for our body–it is a language of love and transformation.

Whether it’s through weekly meal prep, an intimate gathering with a loved one, or a special event for a celebration, Kiki develops a course of foods and flavors to meet your specific desires.