Braised Mixed Greens

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  • Signature blend of collard, kale, and mustard greens

          Born and raised in Haverhill Massachusetts, Hobbsie (aka: Adrien Hobbs) is an official Bar-B-Que artist. As young child watching his mom his first understanding of cooking starting out as a necessity. Soon his curiosity kicked in and he started to play a bit more in the kitchen. Gradually this goofing around expanded his basic knowledge from what might thought of as flat flavors to creatively unlocking flavors that surprised all of those he served. His next step was off to culinary school to sharpen his skills. Now, life is all about the flavors of food.

          2014 was the year. It was the year that friends and family insisted, that enough is enough. his signature dishes were top shelf and so Hobbsies BBQ was born. Thank you - For Adrien Hobbs friends and family are where it’s at; “Regardless of what it is, where I am, or what I’m doing, it always comes back to family.”

          His Signature dishes are anything grilled or smoked - as these methods and practices, as primitive as they may seem, can create such a particular uniqueness when orchestrated in perfect harmony. (grill design, seasonings applied, wood chips added, cooking time, temp control, and list goes on!)

          Why do you do what you do? “I do what I do because I love what I do. Everything from the creative process, to the ability to learn about and connect with other cultures through food. Food and laughter are the common bond.”

          The ultimate goal? “The ability food has to bring a moment of joy to others. I know I reached them when someone that doesn't know Hobbsies tastes our food for the first time and they just close their eyes, nod, and smile.”
          Dreams: Hobbsies Rolling BBQ (aka: Food truck) - Brick and Mortar? Well, possibly. He has some ideas on that. For now, you can get Hobbsies amazing BBQ experience by creating an Event here on Nufoodi and selecting Hobbsies as your Nufoodi Pro. Your utlimate BBQ experience awaits!