Raw Foods 101 for Busy People (always gluten & dairy free all the time)

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  • An "Eat Raw Not Cooked" menu! The Happy Shake (page 3), Green Basil Happy Shake (a new recipe just for YOU), Sunny Slope Farm Soup ("Things Get Heated" on page 106), Raw Pad Thai with "Not Peanut Sauce" (pages 98 & 20), "Onion Rings" (page 68), Key Lime Pie (page 127), Chocolate Frosted Browines (pages 138 & 150)

          What are the potential benefits of eating raw? Weight loss and management, more energy, relief from chronic pain and allergies, better moods, and a younger appearance—to name just a few! 


          I travel the country living with a family for 1 week at a time. It's a full week of cleansing high raw, clean eating. Families can choose to participate and learn all the basics for raw food prep, or can simply enjoy being fed the most life giving foods from our earth. You get to learn about shopping, blending, juicing, dehydrating, and even some of my favorite cooking techniques. 

          Healthy doesn't have to taste bland! I recreate America's favorite processed foods in the tastiest most fun way, bringing families together!  


          A 7 day "family week" ranges between $1500-$1800. The week is tailored to fit your family's individual needs & taste. The week includes entertaining guests if you would like; both a dinner party and a class I call "Raw Foods 101 for Busy People".  Accommodations are cared for by the family. This could be a room in your home, a guest home, or other. Food cost covered by family. 


          Not ready for a full week commitment? I also offer a class or dinner party for up to 10 guests at $500 plus the cost of food. 

          Visit me on Instagram/StacyStowers.com

          "People first, then food" Stacy Stowers

          Chef & Author of "Eat Raw Not Cooked" published by Simon & Schuster