Basic warming kitchari

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  • Basic warming kitchari

          I am a huge food enthusiast, a lover of life, an educator, a wholistic life consultant, an Ayurvedic practitioner, a healer, a former yoga teacher and currently an Avatar consciousness explorer. I practice and teach Ayurvedic medicine and I love the idea of using food as medicine. I get to enthusiastically help people turn their meal times into healing self-discoveries and their kitchens into their own personal pharmacies.

          Good digestion is a cornerstone of great health. It increases not only each person’s enjoyment and appreciation of meals and how the body feels afterwards, but it also effects enthusiasm, energy levels and “umph/zest for life” factor. Great digestion is one of the most prized qualities a person can have. I love sharing my passion for Ayurvedic lifestyle with groups, individuals and can custom tailor the delivery of my knowledge to support the intentions and goals of my friends and clients.

          Using the ancient principles of Ayurveda, I help each person determine their unique constitution – their own “genetic” combination of elements (earth, water, fire, air, space/ether). Once their constitution is determined, I help people keep it in balance. I help people kindle their digestive fire by determining helpful foods, helpful food combinations, creative use of spices and other lifestyle choices. Meal times become fun creative adventures that enhance our lifestyle or help us heal and recover from various stresses of life. We can use food to stay balanced within our bodies, within our environment, with the seasons and with other changes in our lives.

          In the application of Ayurveda one of my favorite topics is helping new moms discover a Sacred Window of time – the PostPartum Window. A 6-week window that is often missed in the conventional healthcare paradigm. When properly utilized, following simple Ayurvedic practices of nourishing foods, body care and herbs, new moms have a chance to give their babies best beginnings and themselves best chance of recovery. It’s a setup for a healthy immune system for both mom and the baby for years to come. Postpartum time can become a celebration of connection between mom, baby, body, mind, spirit and community. I invite you to learn more within my group Baby's Best Beginnings specific to this very topic.

          I look forward to sharing with you!