Gordon Ramsay’s Top 5 Steak Recipes

steak recipes

Steak Recipes #1: Steak Diane with Sauté Potatoes and Peas

steak recipesFor the (steak recipes) main course, remember, add olive oil to a hot pan, remove the fat from the steaks, roll out thin and season. Fry quickly on both sides, then set aside. Into the same pan, add chopped shallots and season. Add sliced mushrooms, a knob of butter, and crushed garlic. Then, add a splash of Worcestershire sauce, and Dijon mustard. Pour in a dash of brandy, and flambé.

Once the alcohol has burnt off, swirl the juices, add the cream, and stir in chopped parsley. Return the steaks and cook. For sauté potatoes, heat oil, slice the parboiled potatoes in half, and place cut side down. Season, add crushed garlic and rosemary. Plate up, and spoon the sauce over the steaks. Steak Diane with sauté potatoes and peas, done.


Steak Recipes #2: Pan-roasted Filet of Beef with Gremolata

steak recipesFilets of beef, one of my favorite cuts of all time, packed with flavor. Salt, pepper, hot pan, olive oil. Make sure you get a really nice color on the steaks. Garlic, rosemary, thyme, bay leaf, chicken stock. The secret is to keep them nice and moist. Rest.

Whilst the steak’s absorbing the stock, I’m gonna make the gremolata. Lemon zest, parsley, capers. Season, mix. So packed with flavor. Beef. Carve. Gremolata. Sauce. Olive oil. That has to be the most perfect way of eating a filet steak. #%(@%& delicious.

Pan-roasted filet of beef with gremolata, done.


Steak Recipes #3: Organic Steak with Tarragon Dressing and Coriander Coleslaw

steak recipesAnd now for my wild card. Hannah’s fed up with her unbalanced, boring, gluten-free diet. She may not have eaten meat for three years, but now she thinks she’s ready to give it another go. So I’m throwing her in at the deep end with a delicious protein-rich steak. This is a kind of beef that’s reared in Asia, yeah. It’s fed on grass in the summer, swedes and turnip in the winter. So it’s a proper organic beef.

Hannah: When I did eat meat, I would try and eat organic. I don’t like the way animals are mass produced.

No, and I stand strong on that one. Nor do I. How’d you like your beef? How’d you like it cooked? Medium?

Hannah: Yeah. [chuckle]

Yeah? Fine, so we’ll cook it medium.

Hannah: I can’t remember. [chuckle]

Okay, for the dressing, shallot.

I believe that good quality, lean meat is a key part of a healthy diet. So I’m hoping this dish will help Hannah back on the road to recovery.

Turn over the steaks. A delicious tarragon dressing should make her first fillet steak in years a little easier to deal with. So, it’s quite a spicy marinade. Tarragon, we just cut once. Flat leaf parsley. Give it a stir and add to the steaks. Delicious. What we’re gonna do is spoon that over, so as the beef starts to cool down, it absorbs all that amazing flavor. Finally, finish the coleslaw with coriander, and it’s ready to go.

steak recipesThis is yours, medium.

Hannah: I can’t believe you can put so much different flavors and tastes just into coleslaw.

In a coleslaw.

Hannah: I haven’t quite managed to take on the beef.

You put the most amazing energy into looking after these animals, so you need protein.

Hannah: Yeah, absolutely. A good bit of salmon, do you think? Something like that.

Salmon works perfectly.

Hannah: Just not quite ready for the red meat.

Don’t you worry about that. I’ll eat it. [chuckle]

Steak Recipes #4: Spicy Garlic Chili Sirloin with Minted Salad

steak recipesIf you want a new twist on a favorite dish, spice it up with chili. My next recipe is super simple to make, but has wonderful depth and complexity of flavors, spicy beef salad.

Chilis, if you use them confidently they can really add a new dimension to the style of cooking, but the real trick is finding that balance of flavors that really suits you, ’cause that’s the most important part.

So, this is the most amazing sirloin. You can see it’s got that wonderful marble. For me, the secret behind this is cooking it quickly. Season the steak generously. Salt and pepper. Push that seasoning into the sirloin. Take the sirloin out of the fridge literally 20 minutes before you wanna cook them so it gets up to room temperature. They cook more evenly, but more importantly, you can actually season right inside the steak. This little bit of fat down here, season that as well, because that is what we want to roast and get that really nice and rendered.

Olive oil in, a tablespoon. Roll that around. As it starts to smoke, in with the steaks, into the pan, and lay away. Again, into the pan and lay away. If you don’t hear that noise the minute those steaks hit the pan, don’t put them in. So, the secret now is getting that color on the steak, turning it once and once only, and cooking it for two-and-a-half minutes each side. What I wanna do is get that bit of fat rendered so it adds a lot more flavor. Just hold the steak down like that, and that starts to melt the fat, which makes it so much more tender. There should be no white fat left anywhere. Turn them over. Really important to have that steak up to room temperature before you start cooking it so the inside is nice and warm, so you spend less time in the pan and more time cooling down. Really important. Now, two fingers, touch. It goes in, so it’s rare. I’m happy for them to be rare, because by the time I let them rest, they’re gonna go back to medium rare, it’ll continue cooking. Out, onto a plate and let them rest. One. Two. Just get my juices over. Don’t waste that, really important.

Next, the spicy dressing. Take the seeds out of a chili to reduce the heat by rubbing it in your hands and tapping until the seeds fall out. Cut it in half and just chop it. In. Garlic and chili, works brilliantly. A quick way of peeling it is to get your knife and just slam it down, it pops out very, very quickly. In. A little touch of salt. Rub. Start going round in circles first, you’ll see it pureeing. Nice. Peel that off. Now, we’ve got the heat in there from the chili and that richness from the garlic, two teaspoons of palm sugar. This is where it starts to have that nice sweet, sour effect. Fish sauce. Fresh lime. This is a simple, fresh chili dressing and it was something I fell in love with in Vietnam and Cambodia, because it was just so easy. Give that a little mix and dissolve the sugar. Quick taste. Mmm. Wow.

Right, vegetables.

steak recipesA great fuss-free way to get super thin ribbons of carrot is to use a veg peeler. When they’re that thin, they take the vinaigrette so much better. And radishes, just slice them down at an angle. Lovely. To give another dimension to the salad, I’m gonna use a banana shallot. They are incredibly mellow, very sweet. Across. Just chop up the shallot and mix that through. Want some sweetness in there now. Little vine tomatoes, slice them in half. Tomatoes in. Shallot, radish, carrots and tomatoes. Next, peel and slice cucumber, chopped spring onions, and shred baby gem lettuce. And then, finally, get some fresh mint. It’s young mint, so you don’t need to take all those stalks off. All you do is hold the bunch upside down and then take it for a little trim, and just chop that once through. You get that nice minted salad. A couple tablespoons of dressing. Don’t flood the salad with the dressing. We can always add but we can’t take it away. Now, really mix the dressing in there, make sure all that chili and garlic and palm sugar wraps around that salad. Beautiful.

Onto the plate, the steak’s rested. It’s now nice and medium rare. A little bit of fat, we don’t wanna find that in the salad. Just slice that off. That’s served its purpose. It’s kept that steak nice and moist. Just slice, going with the grain. It’s almost like slicing through butter and look, inside… Beautiful, pink. If you slice the beef too thinly then it goes stone cold and, more importantly, all the goodness runs out of it. Nice thick slices. Get the beef and start placing it around the salad. Take a little teaspoon of your dressing. The rest of your salad, sit that on top, and finish it off with some toasted peanuts. Peanuts in. Now, those nuts are really toasted. Nuts on. Get another pan and just crush. Once they’ve cooled down, just run them through with a knife. I can hear how crunchy they are. Another texture, another taste to the salad. And then from there, sprinkle. And then finally take that, just finish with a little tablespoon of that sauce and there is one tasty, very well textured, spicy beef salad.

Steak Recipes #5: Filet Mignon Steak Sandwiches

steak recipesFor me, the secret of a great brunch is fun and casual, fuss-free cooking and everyone helping themselves. This is the ultimate steak sandwich. You want the Rolls Royce of beef. It has to be filet. Now, season it beautifully. I like to open up the top of pepper mill to increase the size of the pepper in the steak so it gives that bit of heat. Nice little chunks. You just roll now, nicely, all the way around. Now, slice the garlic in half. Pan, nice and hot. Olive oil in. Hold the steak and just place it into the pan. Don’t drop it. At the front of the pan. We’re gonna tilt the pan forward, cook the back of the steak. Dual purpose. Now, roll it back and sear underneath.

Next, my garlic. I’m gonna roast that garlic. Thyme, fry that thyme. I wanna hear it. We’re not looking for a lot of color, ’cause you’re gonna dry out the filet. So just one end, turn it back down, and steer the other end in. Lift up your thyme, place it on top of the garlic. There, lift up your filet and sit that on top of your garlic. Butter in. Take a spoon, tilt the pan gently, lift up, and baste. I’ve got that scented garlic thyme flavor. The steak’s gonna cook evenly ’cause it’s sat on little bed in the oven for 8 to 10 minutes.

Pan on for the relish. You think of a steak sandwich, you think of a nice heated tomato relish.

To make the relish, finely dice a red onion. Three finger rule: One in front, two behind. Through and chop. Wow! Next, roughly chop a chili, keeping the seeds in for extra heat. Start off with the olive oil into a pan. Onions, chili, generous with the olive oil. I wanna nice rich, silky relish from there. Take your tomatoes. You can just use red tomatoes, but these yellow and red make the perfect combination. Now, touch of salt in, pepper, and then roast those tomatoes off. Take a wooden spoon and just break them up. Once the skins blister, the whole tomato just starts to release all that really nice sweet texture. A little teaspoon of sherry vinegar. Gives that nice acidic balance to the sweetness of the tomatoes. Turn down the gas and just let them stew perfectly.

Now, a steak sandwich would not be complete unless it had the most amazing mustard mayonnaise. Simply add three tablespoons of mayonnaise to three teaspoons of whole-grain mustard.

Now I’ve got the relish almost down to like a really nice jam. Now, I wanna make that relish a little bit more fragrant. Some basil, slice it through, and sprinkle that basil in there. Mmm… Beautiful.

Look at this. There she is. My crown jewels. Time to take it out. The smell is incredible. Just baste one more time the filet. Touch, it’s quite soft in the centre, so it’s just coming up to mid-rare, let it rest, the same time you cooked it, it’ll be nice and pink evenly throughout the steak.

To make my sandwich, I’m gonna chargrill some sliced ciabatta bread. Season it nicely. Just a little drizzle of olive oil. I wanna get that bread nice and crispy. Pan, nice and hot. Bread in, push it down. Smell is amazing, that char, sort of charcoal flavor. Once you’ve got those marks on the bread, it just stops the bread from becoming soggy. And look at this here, it is stunning. On. Slice it gently. One beautiful slice. Wow! It’s nice and pink all the way through, and the beef is so soft. It’s almost like slicing through butter. Let the knife do the work.

Take a little bit of mayonnaise, spread that with the back of the spoon on both sides. Next, lettuce. Take that beautiful slice of beef, whoa! And then relish on top of that beef and just slice the sandwich in half. Mmm. Beautiful. Now that’s what I call a steak sandwich. Trust me. Serve this sublime sandwich for brunch and you’ll put a smile on everyone’s face.

(Derived from Gordon Ramsay on YouTube)

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