4 Social Networks Every Party Planner Needs to Get On – NOW!

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Whether you’re a professional party planner or a foodie who just loves to throw private dinner parties for your friends, you can use social media to intensify the buzz around your party. Used creatively, social media networks like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook can transform your event from just run-of-the mill average to wonderfully extraordinary and a movement folks want to be a part of!

Social media is where people get their news, connect with family and friends, and get involved in like-minded communities. More than 69% of adults in the U.S. are regular social media users—and that number continues to grow rapidly across all age groups, especially millennials. It’s no wonder that social networks have become the best way for any party planner to engage and inform people about their events.

Of course, the first place you should post your event is on Nufoodi, and if it’s public, you may want to look at sharing it with our awesome Nufoodi promoter page. We have made Nufoodi super easy to use, and we created a step-by-step instruction guide on how you can plan and promote your next amazing event.

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With Nufoodi, you can get paired with any resource you need to create and promote your unique culinary experience, including finding professional talent: planners, Pro chefs, and Pro coaches. Even so, it’s a really good idea to make use of a few wider-reaching social networks to supplement the promotion of your public event.

The Elephant: Facebook.

Create a Compelling Facebook Event Page

Party planner 2With more than 93% of subscribed Facebook folks visiting the site or app more than once a week, our research tells us that Facebook is for sure the most widely used social network of the bunch. That makes creating a Facebook event a necessity for any party planner, and, guess what? Unless you’re a Luddite (and you found us somehow, so we’re assuming you’re not), It’s pretty darn easy to do. First, you’ll need to determine if your event is going to be public-facing or private, for a group of your friends and/or personal connections. If you plan to sell spots to your event, be sure your tickets are available for purchase on Nufoodi before you start to add your friends to your Facebook event. While you can always link to the ticket sales page once it’s live, you might as well give attendees a chance to snatch up tickets early!

You should also plan to pick a header image that will represent your event. Have fun with the picture. Make it look delicious and fun. Use a picture editing tool like Canva, or if you’re fancy, Adobe Photoshop to confirm your picture is sized correctly for Facebook events. Protip: the recommended Facebook event photo size is 1920×1080 pixels (16:9 ratio).

Facebook is Essential for Getting People Excited and Engaged

Once your event’s created, start to share and invite people you’re connected to, who you want to attend. You will easily be able to invite your Facebook friends and personal connections. Facebook also lets you use email, to invite folks you know who somehow aren’t on the site. Bonus: Facebook events integrate with most calendars and smartphones. So, when a party planner invites a friend, your event will stay in their personal upcoming invites queue. This will ping them with notifications whenever you update or post to your event, until your invitees respond that they can’t go or ignore the event, or manually turn off notifications. Ding!

Party planner 3So, when you think of it, if invitees get a notification when you (or a guest if you allow) post something on the event page… that can turn into a fantastic tactic for party planners to build excitement and engagement before, during, and after your event. Share photos of some of the culinary delights and any entertainment activities you’re planning.

If you have the energy, and the time commitment, start a countdown to your event, releasing a little bit of information or some trivia each day leading up to it. For example: “Only three more days to go… Can you guess what wine we’re serving with dessert? (insert emoji)” You can also add coupons to your events on Nufoodi so people may win a free or couponed ticket! Get creative!

You can find more ideas on what to post in our Planner Guide!

The Secret to Becoming a Successful Party Planner is Responding to Your Guests

Whether your event is silly or serious, fun or formal, public or private — your Facebook event page should be engaging and set the tone for your party. When your guests post or comment, be sure to like or comment on their activity. Think about posting pictures, videos, and Facebook even allows you to survey your guests using polls; be sure to help your guests become excited about your next upcoming event!

Speaking of Twitter… Tweet Before, During, and After Your Event

party planner 4While Twitter only allows 140 characters and automatically abbreviates your link, you can use a link shortening tool to create a trackable link for use on your Facebook event, Pinterest pins, and other social network posts. This will also help provide insights on who has clicked on your link, so you can keep getting better at messaging throughout your career as a party planner.

For public events you’d like strangers to learn about, it’s also useful to create a unique hashtag to use on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Original hashtags make it easy to index tweets and retweets related to your event. For example, you can create a hashtag like #findtheyum for a Nufoodi-hosted party, and we’ll follow along!

Tweet regularly before your event to help drive people directly to your Facebook event page. You can even update your profile link for each event. Be sure to use your unique hashtag and encourage other attendees, pros, and organizers to do the same. Tweet during your event to let guests know what activities are happening in real time, and to show appreciation. After your event, use Twitter to thank your guests for coming, especially if you’ve gathered their user names. For example: @BobF24 @Betsy2010 @Abdul250 thanks for coming to #712mainstfondueparty!

Connect with Folks on Pinterest and Instagram Too!

Party planner 5In addition to Facebook and Twitter, any party planner may choose to take opportunity of other social networking sites. Pinterest and Instagram are visually engaging social networks. They’re a great place to post pictures of food, your hired Planner or Pro, activities at your party, event decorations, or other images related to your party’s theme or venue. People visit Pinterest to get DIY ideas, fashion, and decor, and can also filter for activities in their area. Post your visuals as “pins,” to share previews of your parties, and be sure to add a link to your Nufoodi event page. FYI, Pinterest does not play well with Facebook, but we got you.

Party planner 6Instagram is (mostly) a mobile app used to share compelling photos and videos, socially. Because more millennials tend to use apps on their phones or tablets than computers nowadays to access social media, Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks out there. Because you cannot share links within posts on Instagram, your Instagram profile should contain a direct link to your Nufoodi event page as well.

Create a Link Web Among Your Social Media Posts

Don’t forget to create posts on your Facebook personal profile, business page, and event page linking to your Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram social engagement. This is especially important if you are planning or promoting any public event. Linking among social media platforms will help your event be found within Google and social media searches. Used effectively and creatively, social networks can make designing parties and events more fun for both you, the beginner to novice party planner and your guests.

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