Backyard BBQ: 5 Tips for a Killer Cookout!

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With summer at its peak, now is the perfect time to gather friends and family for a barbecue! A backyard BBQ is a time-honored American tradition for soaking up the sun, playing games, and firing up the grill with crowd-pleasing binge-worthy favorites. Follow our backyard BBQ guide below, and you’ll be ready to host your own cookout in no time!

BBQ Ideas: What Do I Bring as a Guest?

BBQ Ideas Kabob

Barbecue season is here, so it’s time to scheme your signature cookout contribution, or switch up the same-olds for a new take on some tastier summer vittles. No matter what you decide to bring, having a few unique BBQ ideas in your apron pocket will enhance your event – and net invitations to future events! Where’s the beef? Burgers and … Read More

Pressure Cooker Recipes: Savory Dinner in 60 Minutes or Less

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Need a fast, healthy dinner idea? How about a pressure cooker recipe? For busy people, cooking under pressure is the norm. But cooking with pressure can shorten cooking time and produce a delicious meal. Healthy and fast Healthy, practical dinner ideas are important to us, so we try to use cooking methods that cut down on fat—as well as time. … Read More

A Meditation on Home Cooking

No matter how far you roam, there is nothing like home cooking—for those who cook, and those who partake. Poets and mystics speak of the soul of food, evoked by the chef and passed on as a gift to those with whom it is shared. Across generations and geography, the act of preparing and sharing food with home cooking is … Read More

Healthy Dinner Ideas to Impress Your Wife

Flowers are great—but a home-cooked meal is even better. Whether it is a special occasion, or you are cooking for your partner, your wife, or a group of friends, you can show you really care by mixing it up with healthy dinner ideas and a great presentation. First—let’s define what we mean by healthy dinner ideas. Basically, this means plenty … Read More

Wine Testing, Wine Tasting: What Types of Wine Do You Enjoy?

Wine is the gift of the grape. When you attend a wine tasting, you’ll start to understand some different varietals, helping you realize which wine and food pairings you enjoy. Wine tastings will ultimately help you discover wines you had not thought to try. Mary Ewing-Mulligan, a Master of Wine since 1993, notes, “When you only know so much, you are very attracted … Read More