Gordon Ramsay’s Top 5 Steak Recipes

steak recipes

Steak Recipes #1: Steak Diane with Sauté Potatoes and Peas For the (steak recipes) main course, remember, add olive oil to a hot pan, remove the fat from the steaks, roll out thin and season. Fry quickly on both sides, then set aside. Into the same pan, add chopped shallots and season. Add sliced mushrooms, a knob of butter, and … Read More

BBQ Ideas: What Do I Bring as a Guest?

BBQ Ideas Kabob

Barbecue season is here, so it’s time to scheme your signature cookout contribution, or switch up the same-olds for a new take on some tastier summer vittles. No matter what you decide to bring, having a few unique BBQ ideas in your apron pocket will enhance your event – and net invitations to future events! Where’s the beef? Burgers and … Read More

Two Healthy Crock Pot Meals for Lazy People

Healthy Crock Pot meals don’t have to be hard. We found this awesome YouTube video from Zoe Rodriguez that will give you some inspiration for Crock Pot recipes to help feed your family, the healthy AND simple way! (Derived from Zoe Rodriguez YouTube Video) [starting around 1:12] Crock Pot Cilantro Chicken For this first recipe, you’ll need 5 different ingredients. Chicken breasts, … Read More

What are the Cons of a Paleo Diet?

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Generally speaking, the Paleolithic diet gets a lot right — with its focus on healthy foods: vegetables, nuts, fruits, and fish. However, this diet also requires that we don’t eat anything created or discovered after the Neolithic Revolution. This means neither legumes nor grains. Modern science has shown us that the Paleo diet benefits (such as lectins) of nutrient-rich legumes … Read More

Healthy Chinese Food Near Me – In the Kitchen

healthy Chinese food near me - in the kitchen

Healthy Chinese Food Near Me – In the Kitchen When most of us think about Chinese food, we picture a white take-out carton filled with a mound of deep-fried chicken or pork swimming in a sweet, saucy sea. This image feeds the common – and false – perception that there is no such thing as healthy Chinese food. However, it’s … Read More

Low and Slow: Why You Should Pull Out Those Crock Pot Recipes

Low and Slow Why You Should Pull Out Those Crock Pot Recipes Beans

Today, just about anyone can be a home chef. You can find a gadget or tool to make any food into the finest restaurant quality meal on the table. However, cooking trends come and go. Let’s be honest; when was the last time you pulled out that fondue pot or melon baller? But there’s one kitchen workhorse that never goes … Read More

Staying Healthy: What is the Best Probiotic?

Staying Healthy What is the Best Probiotic

While the idea of eating fermented foods might seem odd at first, they contain the best probiotic; probiotics are bacteria that line your stomach and intestines, providing nutrients and helping you to resist infection. Would you believe that allowing food to rot (on purpose!) can make it long-lasting, safe to eat, healthy, and delicious? What if we replace the word … Read More

Easy Dinner Recipes for Families on the Go

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When your day moves too fast, and your evening moves even faster, making nutritious homemade meals can seem like an impossible dream. But with some planning and a few easy dinner recipes, you can cook healthy food for your family, any night of the week. While it is easier to reach for processed food off the shelf, or call for … Read More

12/17 Gourmet Culinary Event: Audrey’s Blog

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“A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work” – John Lubbock Effortless… is a word that comes to mind to describe the first Nufoodi Gourmet Culinary Event, hosted by Rick and me, at our home in Hudson, NH. I honestly think that the hardest part was deciding which of our friends to invite last minute — … Read More

Experience an Ayurvedic Diet

“Health is not the absence of disease; it is physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.” – Deepak Chopra, M.D. Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest known healthcare practices. Developed in ancient India some 5,000 years ago, and continued to be practiced today, Ayurvedic health offers understanding and comfortable practices for living your life. Ayur means life, while Veda means knowledge. … Read More