Italian Ice Cream: What is Gelato?

what is gelato

Question: What is cold, creamy, and delicious—but not ice cream? Answer: gelato. So, what is gelato? Sometimes called Italian ice cream, gelato is a frozen dessert often considered a lower fat alternative to ice cream. Although gelato has many of the same ingredients as ice cream, the proportions and process for making gelato are different. Let’s take a quick look … Read More

Wine Testing, Wine Tasting: What Types of Wine Do You Enjoy?

Wine is the gift of the grape. When you attend a wine tasting, you’ll start to understand some different varietals, helping you realize which wine and food pairings you enjoy. Wine tastings will ultimately help you discover wines you had not thought to try. Mary Ewing-Mulligan, a Master of Wine since 1993, notes, “When you only know so much, you are very attracted … Read More