Two Healthy Crock Pot Meals for Lazy People

Healthy Crock Pot meals don’t have to be hard. We found this awesome YouTube video from Zoe Rodriguez that will give you some inspiration for Crock Pot recipes to help feed your family, the healthy AND simple way!

(Derived from Zoe Rodriguez YouTube Video)

[starting around 1:12]

Crock Pot Cilantro Chicken

For this first recipe, you’ll need 5 different ingredients. Chicken breasts, fresh cilantro, salsa of your choice (16 oz), low-sodium taco seasoning, wraps, and limes [juice]. Spray your Crock Pot [with non-sticking spray] — that way your cleanup is a lot easier.

Put your chicken breast in [your Crock Pot]. You’re more than welcome to use more or less, depending on how many people you’re planning to feed. I used 4 [chicken breasts], because I like to have leftovers for the week.

Throw [your chicken] in the bottom of the [Crock Pot]. Then, take your taco seasoning and sprinkle it all across those chicken breasts. You’re more than welcome to use a higher sodium taco seasoning, but if you want to avoid the salt, definitely use lower sodium.

Take your 2 limes, cut them up and sprinkle that juice on those chickens. Chop up your cilantro nice and fine. This cutter is amazing, I definitely recommend it (I got it Home Goods). Pour that salsa all across those chickens, and throw your cilantro in.

Throw [your Crock Pot] on high for 4 hours, or on low 6 – 7 hours.

Then, scoop that chicken out. It’s going to be pretty juicy in there, and you can add a little bit of the juice to it afterwards, to keep it nice and moisturized. It is very tender though from being in the Crock Pot That’s why chicken is one of my favorite things to cook in the Crock Pot — because it stays nice and juicy.

Cut this all up; shred that chicken. Take your taco wrap [and roll it into a burrito and eat]… I also eat it on top of rice for the rest of my meals, you can add it basically to anything. Salad is great as well.

Crock Pot Pesto Chicken

We have more chicken, sun-dried tomato pesto, tomatoes, and vegetables of your choice. I use red pepper, onion, and zucchini.

Spray your crock pot and throw those chicken breasts in there (you can use different cut of chicken if you’d like), I like chicken breasts because they’re nice lean cuts of chicken.

Put that sun-dried tomato paste all over — make sure you rub it up and down everywhere, and get all the goodness in there.

Then, chop your vegetables. I definitely recommend getting one of these (choppy thingies); it makes the chopping a lot easier, and as you can see, I was doing this very haphazardly. Use whatever vegetables you want. These were just what I had in the fridge; I just throw whatever I have in there — whatever is going to go bad soon. Get that in the Crock Pot. I love zucchini, I love peppers, and I love onions, but I don’t really like tomatoes that much, but I figured I should try and be healthy and add them in there anyway, so that’s what I did. I love red pepper, which is obviously very sweet. The cherry tomatoes are also pretty sweet.

After you go ahead and chop all these veggies, throw them all in your Crock Pot. Another vegetable that I would definitely recommend putting in here would be squash.

Also, if you want add in some carbs to this meal, and have them cooked and ready to go, you can add in some little potatoes — chop those up and put those in there. Basically for this I will add my carbs afterwards. I’ll either do on top of rice, or cook my potatoes separately.

Cook that for 4 hours on high or 7-8 hours on low. Then, portion it out again. You’re more than welcome to put this with rice, or some potatoes to get that extra carb source in there, because again, this is going to be just protein and vegetables.

Hope you guys liked these healthy Crock Pot meals! Love you! Bye!

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