How to Host Sunday Brunch: Ideas for Your Perfect Party

Brunch 101: Seasonal Veggies & Breezy Cocktails Many people think of brunch as a late-morning weekend meal at a fancy restaurant. Eating out for brunch might include egg-topped salads, crepe stations, bowls of fruit, and pitchers of fruity fizzy cocktails. However, with the right ingredients and some playful brunch attire ideas, you can easily replicate a pricey brunch at home … Read More

The Most Important Meal of the Day! Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas

The morning meal is known as “break fast,” because your body has usually been without nutrients since the night before. Be sure what you eat is healthy and gives your body the boost it needs to get through the day. Easy breakfast ideas—what sounds good? Many people are pressed for time at breakfast during the week. We talked earlier about healthy … Read More

The Joy of Cooking (Classes)!

Regardless of your skill level, there is a cooking class in your future. Cooking classes are like travel—you never come away from one without being changed in some way. The food, friendly atmosphere, and the social opportunity combine to make an ideal learning environment for many people. Here are some great reasons to consider a cooking class: Food around the world: … Read More

Healthy Dinner Ideas: Tips to Combine Food and Friends

Now here is a great tip—mix food, friends and healthy dinner ideas…add some time together and you have a recipe for good living. Few traditions are more deeply-rooted than joining with family and friends to celebrate or mark an occasion by creating a special dinner—or a feast. Sharing food, reducing waste, and creating a genuinely fulfilling atmosphere are a byproduct … Read More