Mix it Up with a Great Dinner Party Idea

dinner-party-idea-3Besides the event itself, planning your party is fun and exciting! From food to a themed dinner party idea, it is great to toss around thoughts to keep the interaction high; it is important to keep your guests engaged and the food & drink constantly flowing. These are the things that make a dinner party great.

Dinner party ideas to keep the conversation going

Because your guests are really the life the party, ideas that help people connect with each other make for a great time and a more interesting party. With that in mind, consider these ideas for keeping the conversation lively at your next house party

  • Plan an activity to start off the event: Think about staging a wine or beer tasting with score sheets for rating beer brands and wineries or vineyards. Choose easy but interesting appetizers to pair up with your beverages. For summertime or seasonal events, consider heirloom vegetable tastings, like tomatoes, and let your guests rate, discuss, and learn a little history. If you have the space, and the season to match, you could have guests pick berries or apples to be made later into a tart or pie for the happy ending of your event. Regardless of what you choose, start your event off with an activity to create a common, fun, get-to-know-you experience.
  • When dinner is the activity: Consider a dinner party where guests participate in making the dinner. We talked earlier about the fun and social environment of cooking classes. Consider having a chef or other expert attend your party and help guests create a menu for the dinner party as it happens. We all know the kitchen is the most popular spot during any party, so invite everyone to choose a station, pick up an apron, and help out. Consider appetizers, main course, dessert—and beverages, of course. Use seasonal vegetables or fruits to work local fare into your menu and your party.
  • Keeping the conversation going: There are many tips for conversation starters on the internet and elsewhere. Encourage people to use colors, smells, lighting and food experiences etc in their stories. Here are some good topics that we’ve used in the past with great results:
· Common parenting challenges

· Impacts: societal or environmental concerns

· Favorite road trip

· Ultimate dinner companion from history

· Good books, favorite mobile application

· Top bucket list item

· Favorite movie or cartoon from childhood

· Strangest gift given or ever received

· If I were an animal, it would be a…

· Most embarrassing moment

· Ultimate job

· Three things to take on a desert island


  • After dinner activities:
    Individual or team games, or card and board games are a great way to keep your guests engaged. Create your own home versions of Jeopardy, the Price is Right, or other favorite game shows. Be unique and surprise your guests!

Most people attend parties to meet others and share food and good times. Your guests will be happy for the chance to do something different with their day and learn something new. Use a fun dinner party idea to put some informality and excitement into your next event or casual evening with friends.



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