Backyard BBQ: 5 Tips for a Killer Cookout!

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With summer at its peak, now is the perfect time to gather friends and family for a barbecue! A backyard BBQ is a time-honored American tradition for soaking up the sun, playing games, and firing up the grill with crowd-pleasing binge-worthy favorites. Follow our backyard BBQ guide below, and you’ll be ready to host your own cookout in no time!

BBQ Menu: Sauce + Meat + Sides

BBQ Menu: Sauces, Meats & Sides Summer is full of sunshine; the perfect time for picnics and barbecues. Make sure your own cookout stands out this summer, with a great BBQ menu. Check out our tips below for preparing chicken, sauces, and sides to help you on your way to hosting the best barbecue ever. BBQ Chicken When cooked, sauced, … Read More

BBQ Ideas: What Do I Bring as a Guest?

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Barbecue season is here, so it’s time to scheme your signature cookout contribution, or switch up the same-olds for a new take on some tastier summer vittles. No matter what you decide to bring, having a few unique BBQ ideas in your apron pocket will enhance your event – and net invitations to future events! Where’s the beef? Burgers and … Read More

Home Chef: Four Rules Every Private Chef Should Live By

Becoming a private home chef is both personally and professionally rewarding. Preparing delicious, healthy meals is what you love to do, so earning money for serving your creations to others is the best of both worlds! However, there are some procedures to follow in every kitchen — whether at home or in the finest restaurant. If you are a personal … Read More

12/17 Gourmet Culinary Event: Audrey’s Blog

gourmet culinary event

“A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work” – John Lubbock Effortless… is a word that comes to mind to describe the first Nufoodi Gourmet Culinary Event, hosted by Rick and me, at our home in Hudson, NH. I honestly think that the hardest part was deciding which of our friends to invite last minute — … Read More

Mix it Up with a Great Dinner Party Idea

Besides the event itself, planning your party is fun and exciting! From food to a themed dinner party idea, it is great to toss around thoughts to keep the interaction high; it is important to keep your guests engaged and the food & drink constantly flowing. These are the things that make a dinner party great. Dinner party ideas to … Read More

Have a Great Time: Tips for Your Next House Party

Make your next house party memorable for its great atmosphere, food, fun, and friends. Planning a party is half of the fun, so make sure you give yourself time to make your dream come true. First—the basics: Is your house party to celebrate a special occasion, or a guest of honor? If you have a birthday party idea—what party themes … Read More

Vegetarian Recipes for Beginners

Whether you seek a purely vegetarian diet, or just want to round out your nutrition profile, vegetarian recipes are easy, healthy and palate-pleasing. Vegetarians should consume organic vegetables when possible to avoid consuming the herbicide Glyphosate. Vegetarian or vegan? To avoid confusion, let’s look quickly at the differences between vegetarian and vegan. Vegans do not eat or use products made from … Read More

The Heat is On: Pressure Cooking for a Crowd

Whether pressure cooking for a crowd or your family, take advantage of this healthy, fast-cooking tool to make delicious meals. We talked earlier about pressure cooker basics. With the right equipment, you can use your pressure cooker to serve a crowd or your own family for a busy weeknight dinner. Pressure cooking can be a great opportunity to step back and … Read More

The Joy of Cooking (Classes)!

Regardless of your skill level, there is a cooking class in your future. Cooking classes are like travel—you never come away from one without being changed in some way. The food, friendly atmosphere, and the social opportunity combine to make an ideal learning environment for many people. Here are some great reasons to consider a cooking class: Food around the world: … Read More